Facebook Information (mark zuckerberg)

Facebook Information (mark zuckerberg)
Facebook is a global social networking website that's operated and independently owned by Facebook, Inc. Users update their profiles to notify buddies and send messages to them and can add friends. Networks arranged by city could be joined by users. The name of the website stems from the name of books given at the beginning of the year by university administrations with the purpose of helping students become acquainted with each other better. While he was a student at Harvard University mark Zuckerberg based Facebook with his college roommates and computer science students Eduardo Saverin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The membership of the website was limited to Harvard University students, but has been expanded in the Ivy League, the Boston region, and Stanford University.

Eventually it expanded to include any university student high school pupils, and, to anyone. The web site has a lot over 300 million users. It's been blocked intermittently in several nations including Syria, China, Vietnam, and Iran. It's been banned to dissuade employees. Privacy has been a problem, and it's been compromised times. Facebook settled a suit regarding claims over IP and source code. Facebook is pretty awesome, but it's far from perfect. Facebook is sourced, so themselves can't change anything or can they? By utilizing simple bits of Javascript code, or by employing Mozilla Firefox Greasemonkey userscripts, themselves may change the appearance and workings of Facebook.

Learn how to hack on Facebook accounts for fun, or tweak something useful. Almost all these hacks are temporary as well as will disappear as soon as you refresh the page. They also will not be visible to users on other computers. This may change the color of the Facebook bar to a color of choice. Just paste the following code on your address bar and hit enter. You can replace red with any colour you want - black, white, green or orrange. If you wish to invert the effect, press Ctrl+F5 for a hard reload of the page.
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