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Latest Technology News
As we all know, Apple introduced an all device - iPod Touch. Pod Touch allows you to have an amazing gaming platform combined and an iPod. Multi Accelerometer, Touch and Wi-Fi works were brought by this device to market of devices. It was the iPod with access to the store and iTunes, so content could be downloaded by users into their iPods. Normally, 3rd generations brought faster hardware - and a better microprocessor, graphic memory and engine memory with new capabilities such as Voice Over and bundled headphones with a mic and remote. Matters considered, the Third Generation iPod Touch's screen is identical to preceding generations.

Which implies that display is constructed of glass, having a size of 3.5 inches and a display resolution of 480x320 having an aspect ratio of 3: 2. Though old iPod may be upgraded so that applications could match the new one, 3rd generation iPod Touch comes along with a 3.1 version of Operating System. The CPU of pod Touch has enhanced since the first creation, that was 400 MHz around 600 MHz in production. Alongside this, the Graphics processing unit has also improved. We might see a rise in Memory power to 256 MB in iPods. Wi-Fi attributes, Size, Weight, Battery life and Audio speaker, are all equal to previous iPod generations.

Newest generation comes along With 32GB and 64GB of storage, so really you can store up to 14, 000 songs. You can control the audio playback having new feature known as Voice Over. You can literally talk with your device. You can order the iPod Touch into play all songs from a certain artist, and you may ask the apparatus which song is playing. You can order your iPod into shuffle, play the next song or into pause. Voice Control works perfectly in 16 different languages. There's Also improvement into the Genius function. Now users must be able to use Genius Mix.

Before, you can turn on your Genius and it might make a playlist from songs that you may like and it could supply you with recommendations for buying from iTunes Store. Now, if you sync your iPod Touch into iTunes, Genius will search your library and find songs that fit each other. This mix is based entirely on music that you already own, which differs from previous versions of this feature. Taking into consideration the music, having iPod Operating System version 3.1 you can use advanced wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. Pod is its speed. It's an upgraded internal component that Will lead to a faster and more responsive iPod. It also has a brand new graphic engine that will result in more astonishing games.
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