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Oxford based in the city of Oxford, UK's University, is the oldest college in the English speaking world. They appear to return to the twelfth century, Though its origins are obscure. There has been A magister scolarum Oxonie appointed with the name Chancellor conferred for the first time in 1214 to head the university, in 1201. The colleges masters were incorporated as a university in 1231. Oxford is a company of colleges, each of which appoints its masters, admits fellows and its students, and enjoys a lot of independence. The oldest of them, Balliol College, was founded in 1263 A.D.

By John Balliol, father of King John Balliol of Scotland, although the faculty does not possess the base charter. The college was given standing by his widow, Dervorguilla, Lady of Galloway. The 2nd earliest college, Merton College, has been established in 1264 A.D. By Walter de Merton, Lord Chancellor of Rochester. Oxford also has lots of Permanent Halls, a few of that, in their right, became colleges through time. A team of over 7 assert the University agencies that are central, 500 used by colleges factors attest to activity at Oxford, with a 3. The author Gerald of Wales lectured to scholars there in 1188, and the first known foreign scholar, Emo of Friesland, arrived in 1190.

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The go of the University has been named a chancellor likely from the early thirteenth century, and undoubtedly by 1214-16, and the masters were recognized as a universitas or guild in 1231. The term chancellor indicates a resemblance to the University of Paris and in general Oxford has been modelled on the Parisian example. Oxford had several significant organizational differences, however. Where the chancellor in Paris was made by the bishop, and could become involved with college affairs, the chancellor at Oxford rapidly became the representative of the guild of pros and episcopal supervision was finally done away with entirely. Like Paris, the students associated together on the basis of geographic Origins, though at Oxford they were split into two countries, representing the North and the South.

Nevertheless, the nations were less important in middle ages Oxford than they were in Paris.
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