Google Confirms Change Name Google Home to Nest Home

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Google May Change Google Home to Nest Home and I’m Annoyed

At Google I/O this year, Google formally exchanged the Google Home Hub to the Nest Hub. It was somewhat confounding at first, however on the off chance that you simply recall that fundamentally all savvy home items from Google that component a presentation are currently marked as Nest items, it isn't so terrible.

As indicated by a spotted posting on the Google Store, first discovered by 9to5 Google, a change to the Nest brand might be coming up for all Google Home items.

As appeared in the posting, the swappable bases for the Google Home are alluded to as Nest Home Bases. This reference to Nest Home units isn't referenced anyplace else right now and we're hanging tight to check whether Google rolls out this improvement official.

Despite the fact that the change isn't authentic, I can in any case be irritated. I thought Google had something great in the Google Home marking, the same number of people I know actually who aren't familiar with tech happenings realized what Google Home units were. My companions would get some information about them and Google Assistant by name, yet in normal Google style, the organization apparently needs to decimate the promoting work they've done by exchanging up the name. Why, Google, WHY?!?

Presently, senseless tirade aside, there are just three items right now accessible that are recorded as "Google" Home items. The Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max. This is the place things can get fascinating, however. Destined to-be accessible is the Nest Hub Max. On the off chance that Google winds up exchanging Google Home units to Nest units, we may before long have a Nest Home Max and Nest Hub Max, two altogether various items, however with fundamentally the same as names. Also, since we're going down this street, let me simply toss out the potential for a Nest Hub Mini Max and Nest Home Max Pro. Those eventual sweet.

In the event that Google rolls out this improvement official, we'll let you know.
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