The price is rising on the iPhone

New US tariff laws on imported goods from China will increase the price of the iPhone in the US by $ 100.

From September 1 this year, China will have to impose a $ 8 billion tariff on the import of goods worth US $ 1 billion.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted a new tariff law amid an ongoing trade dispute with China. According to one analyst, CBS News reports, Sales of iPhones in the US, China and other markets could drop from 1 million to 1 million.

In a tweet Thursday, Apple said the stock price has dropped to $ 125 million after Trump announced new tariffs. Currently, the market price of the iPhone 5 Max is US $ 5. With the introduction of new tariffs, the price of the device may increase by about $ 5.

The tariff law was decided after a meeting of the Chinese delegation led by Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and US Finance Minister Steven Muchin in Shanghai.

Under the new law, there will be many products starting from smartphones, apparel, the report said. Trump also said that in some cases tariffs could rise by as much as 20 percent. China and the United States have been imposing hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on each other for a year.

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